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progresivcaucus's Journal

Progressive Caucus
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The Progressive Caucus livejournal community is for anyone who would join the Congressional Progressive Caucus if he/she was in Congress today.

Here is the statement of purpose excerpted from the Progressive Caucus website:

The members of the Progressive Caucus share a common belief in the principles of social
and economic justice, non-discrimination, and tolerance in America and in our
relationships with other countries.
We also seek to embody and give voice to national priorities which reflect the interests and
needs of all the American people, not just the wealthy and the powerful.
Our purpose is to present thoughtful, positive, practical solutions to the problems
confronting America and the world.
In the post-Cold War era, we believe our nation’s priorities must change with the times and
reflect new realities. Accordingly, we support curbs on wasteful, inefficient government
spending at the Pentagon and elsewhere, a more progressive tax system in which wealthier
taxpayers and corporations pay their fair share, adequate funding for social programs that
are designed to extend help to low and middle-income Americans in need, and trade
policies that increase the exports of more American products and encourage the creation of
jobs and investment in America. (http://bernie.house.gov/pc/about/purpose.pdf)

People who have concerns about the shrinking middle class, the millions of uninsured Americans, the privatizing of social security, and want a safer foreign policy are welcome to join this community.